About MJF

Making changes of excellence

Our roots were in Ireland, where our founder, Michael John Flood began his first business to business enterprise. The company grew from strength to strength and spread across to the UK.

Operating in the UK since 1989, today, we boast four divisions which all strive to maximise the potential and performance of businesses in the following key areas:

Today MJF works with hundreds of organisations in a wide variety of public and private sectors. When people ask what we do, it can take time to answer as we have four divisions, each offering very different solutions to individual client issues. It’s quicker to state our single minded aim. We make changes of excellence in everything we do.

  • Office
  • Office Projects
  • Business Relocation
  • Records Management

What draw us together?

A solid foundation of clear values, business integrity, a desire for innovation and a responsibility towards our people and partners. Of course, businesses like ours don’t happen overnight. Our backbone of trust, reliability and financial stability come from years of developing long term relationships and achieving excellence in every project we touch.

Our core strengths never waver

That’s why our customers come back time after time. We work with our clients as trusted partners. First we make sure we get to know and understand individual business issues. Then we deliver the most cost-effective, time-efficient, quality, bespoke solutions. We embrace breakthrough technology, yet we always believe in clarity of thought and a simple, open, straightforward approach.No, we’re not afraid to tell you when something won’t work. Yes, we will always come up with the answer that’s right for you today and tomorrow. We believe in enhancing personal productivity and supporting corporate growth. Our solutions help clients achieve higher targets and attain better results.

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