Off-site storage

clean, controlled environment | strict supervised access controls | redcare protection | full movement reporting facility | fast retrieval | desk system component management | live inventory tracking | secure, clean shrink wrapping care | departmental billing facility | managed data storage and destruction barcode management control | modern well maintained facility

When you’re planning an office move, storage is a vital part of your overall space management strategy. Properly managed storage will give you a truly flexible way of utilising your available space, plus a way to save money and provide a new, more pleasant working environment for your staff.

We give a complete managed storage service for all your office equipment and furniture. Everything you need to move can be audited, tracked, securely packed and stored in shrink wrapped pallets for easy handling and efficient access.The audit trail is the key to our success, enhanced by bar code technology.

Our storage facility is intruder alarmed with 24/7 Redcare facilities and smoke detection, controlled by swipe access.

  • Clean, controlled environment
  • Strict supervised access controls
  • Redcare protection
  • Full movement reporting facility
  • Fast retrieval
  • Desk system component management
  • Live inventory tracking
  • Secure, clean shrink wrapping care
  • Departmental billing facility
  • Managed data storage and destruction
  • Barcode management control
  • Modern well maintained facility

Our storage facility is intruder alarmed with 24 /7 Redcare facilities and smoke detection. Only authorised members of our company may access the warehouse environment which is security controlled by swipe access.

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