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Masterpiece remastered

Herman Miller is unveiling a remastered version of the Aeron Chair to the world

When Aeron debuted in 1994 it was a chair unlike any the world had ever seen.

Instead of a padded throne, designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick did away with foam and fabric to create a true machine for sitting. Uniting human-centered design with Herman Miller’s leadership in innovative technology and materials, Aeron quickly became a popular cultural icon with over 7 million sold in 134 countries across the globe.

It didn’t just change how people sat, but what they thought a chair could be. But a lot has changed since then, so it made sense that Aeron should change too.

Just as iconic films and albums are updated for new audiences, Aeron has been remastered to meet the needs of today’s work, workers, and work environments. By coupling co-designer Don Chadwick’s vision with Herman Miller’s latest research around the science of sitting, the new Aeron works smarter than ever before.

So how did Herman Miller improve one of the most iconic and beloved chairs in the world? Herman Miller recruited co-designer Don Chadwick to re-examine the design criteria that led him and Bill Stumpf to Aeron in the context of today’s work and technology. With stronger, smarter materials, better adjustment capabilities, new finish options, and a healthier, more comfortable sit, we didn’t recreate or redesign the Aeron Chair—herman Miller remastered it.

The ‘Classic’ Aeron will continue to be available for the foreseeable future. The remastered chair will continue to be made available in 3 sizes (A, B & C) to cater for the broadest population of users.

We’re very excited about re-introducing this iconic chair to a new audience for the 21st century


After two decades as the best-selling and most recognised performance c

hair in the world, its iconic form has remained largely unchanged, the new Aeron is updated from top to bottom to incorporate the latest research around the science of sitting, as well as advancements in materials, manufacturing, and technology.

However, the world Aeron launched into is unrecognisable today. As the workplace and the way people work continue to evolve, so should the furniture. For individuals, the new Aeron accommodates the widest possible range of activities and postures people adopt while sitting. It’s equally well-suited for a quick brainstorming session among colleagues or hours of concentrated focus at a workstation. For organisations, the cross-performance design makes Aeron suitable for a wide array of workplace settings, and the enhanced health-positive benefits will continue to improve employee wellness, satisfaction, and productivity.

“I’d personally like to thank the original co-designer, Don Chadwick, along with the dedicated team of scientists, engineers, materials specialists, and researchers who have spent the past two years working tirelessly on this project. As Herman Miller continues its transformation into a modern lifestyle company, the new Aeron reinforces our worldwide leadership in workplace innovation and high performance seating, and will allow us to extend the Aeron franchise into the future.” 

Brian Walker
President & CEO – Herman Miller Inc

Experience the new Aeron. Available in 2017.
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